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12 Red Roses
12 Red Roses

12 Red Roses

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Product Details
Red Rose : 12 pcs

This beautiful gift is special for any occasion. A dozen red roses is ideal to express our love on a special occasion, or simply to give a detail regardless of what day. Your partner will always appreciate this gift.

our bouquet contains: 12 Red Roses long stem, wrapped in decorative paper, and with their petals to its maximum flourish.

This bouquet of 12 red roses has many similar meanings, all of which are associated with love. You can order 12 roses for your loved one on an important occasion. Even if you do not add a card with your words to that branch, 12 roses without additional words mean "I love you!" In addition, 12 roses mean "I think of you the 12 months of the year" and can be a great gift for a Wedding or wedding anniversary.

these are some perfect occasions to give away a dozen red roses:

Wedding: Red roses are almost as popular at weddings as white roses, and red roses are widely included in the bride branches and honor ladies, the launch of bouquets, the bouquets, and also in the decorations .


Anniversary and Valentine's Day: These are perhaps the two best occasions to give love to your partner and give red roses. Red roses symbolize intense love, passion and delivery towards someone, in short, all the emotions you want to express!


Birthday: When is the birthday of the person you like or someone you love, giving red roses is the perfect love gesture.



Consider with me: Yes, red roses are also perfect for when you are about to ask the question!


Buy this Bouquet of 12 Rojas Rojas today and get it with free shipping to the place you want.


The flowers in the arrangement can be of different colors and sizes depending on the stock status.

Some of the flowers in the flower arrangement can be sent closed, even if they do not bloom due to seasonal conditions. Closed flowers open within 1-2 days, at room temperature.

Se entrega el paquete de flores y follajes sin ningún tipo de arreglo.

Product Code: lffresh020
Reviews (2385)

Todo bien

X*** V*** Verified Purchase 29-11-2023

M*** G*** Verified Purchase 27-11-2023

excelente servicio y la atención por el cambio del globo gracias

O*** B*** Verified Purchase 24-11-2023

N*** A*** E*** S*** Verified Purchase 24-11-2023

E*** P*** Verified Purchase 23-11-2023

P*** A*** Verified Purchase 23-11-2023

S*** A*** Verified Purchase 22-11-2023

Excelente servicio 100% recomendados

J*** L*** D*** Verified Purchase 22-11-2023

V*** C*** Verified Purchase 22-11-2023

Muchas gracias. Excelente servicio, todo llego tal cual

L*** L*** Verified Purchase 22-11-2023

R*** A*** Verified Purchase 22-11-2023

Buen servicio!

C*** T*** Verified Purchase 20-11-2023

Buen día, llegaron mal tratadas, con partes oscuras en las rosas. No fue una buena experiencia.

G*** Verified Purchase 20-11-2023

H*** E*** Verified Purchase 18-11-2023

Hermosas, en tiempo y forma servicio muy eficiente. ❤️

C*** P*** Verified Purchase 18-11-2023

A*** R*** O*** Verified Purchase 17-11-2023

L*** L*** Verified Purchase 17-11-2023

J*** M*** S*** L*** Verified Purchase 17-11-2023

Siempre los elijo a ustedes porque son muy puntuales y con excelentes productos, muchas gracias

L*** G*** P*** F*** Verified Purchase 17-11-2023

las flores venían ya en mal estado

R*** Verified Purchase 17-11-2023

como siempre un excelente servicio. muchas gracias!!!!!!

R*** A*** Verified Purchase 16-11-2023

muy frescas y muy bonitas las rosas gracias

B*** U*** M*** Verified Purchase 16-11-2023

E*** P*** Verified Purchase 15-11-2023

E*** A*** M*** C*** Verified Purchase 14-11-2023

Excelente servicio un trató muy amable

E*** E*** R*** Verified Purchase 13-11-2023

Entrega a la hora flores riquísimas . Excelente servicio

E*** A*** M*** Verified Purchase 12-11-2023

J*** O*** Verified Purchase 11-11-2023

Estaban feas las rosas

A*** V*** Verified Purchase 10-11-2023

Todo muy bien, muchas gracias!

J*** F*** L*** P*** Verified Purchase 10-11-2023

A*** Verified Purchase 08-11-2023

I*** C*** Verified Purchase 07-11-2023

Detalles que sacan lágrimas. Lo recomiendo.

D*** E*** A*** Verified Purchase 06-11-2023

R*** Verified Purchase 06-11-2023

Muchas gracias justo a tiempo

D*** “*** R*** Z*** Verified Purchase 04-11-2023

muy eficiente

A*** A*** Verified Purchase 04-11-2023

Llego sin ninguna nota el ramo d flores

F*** A*** Verified Purchase 04-11-2023

A*** Verified Purchase 03-11-2023

Gracias muy buen servicio! Recomendable!

E*** F*** R*** Verified Purchase 31-10-2023


A*** L*** Verified Purchase 28-10-2023

Excelente servicio, recibí lo que pague y rápido, just in time…, no tengo nada mas que agregar si no que los recomiendo mucho…, gracias Lola…

A*** C*** Verified Purchase 28-10-2023

El globo llego ponchado roto y según lo van a regresar

J*** A*** F*** G*** Verified Purchase 27-10-2023

D*** S*** Verified Purchase 27-10-2023

exelente servicio y atención desde que de hace el pedido hasta la entrega en tiempo y forma

A*** M*** Verified Purchase 26-10-2023

Excelente servicio, llegó muy rápido, muy bonitas las flores

M*** Verified Purchase 26-10-2023

Muy bien

F*** R*** Verified Purchase 25-10-2023

J*** G*** Verified Purchase 25-10-2023

Excelente servicio

A*** A*** Verified Purchase 25-10-2023

Excelente servicio y calidad. Superan las expectativas.

C*** R*** Verified Purchase 25-10-2023

V*** C*** O*** Verified Purchase 24-10-2023

R*** M*** Verified Purchase 24-10-2023