Sunflowers Care Guide Generic

How to Grow Giant Sunflowers

Growing giant sunflowers is a fascinating and rewarding gardening adventure. If you do it right, you can get huge plants with gigantic heads full of luscious seeds. Here’s how to choose them, grow them, and harvest their seeds. Choose the Right Variety The variety certainly matters when it comes to growing giants. Look for a …

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Saxifraga Plant Generic

Saxifraga Plant – How to Grow

Would you like to grow an unusual and beautiful plant? Saxifraga is an excellent choice. Its small, simple leaves and small, elegant flowers bring a unique look to any garden. General Information The Saxifraga is an arctic perennial plant. These plants are also called Saxifragas or rockfoils. The name saxifrage comes from Latin and means …

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Make Your Own Rain Gauge Generic

Make Your Own Rain Gauge: 6 Steps

It’s fun to engage in a little bit of meteorology at home. We’re not talking about actual meteors; we’re talking about the weather! Part of successful gardening knows how much rain you’ve received, and the most accurate way to do this is with your own rain gauge. You’ll find that having this simple measurement capability …

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