Cacti and succulents are easy to love: they’re easy to take care of, come in every shape and size imaginable, and their visual impact is strong.

One might argue that these are the best plants for someone who is not a plant lover: They’re more like small pieces of art – meant to be admired from a bit of a distance, and not for their scent or soft leaves.

Clearly, they are an amazing, living piece of decoration for your home.

Here are 10 great ideas to use them as a creative accent.

1- Tea Time

Tea Time Cactus

Use those cups and saucers that have gotten stained or chipped for a setting of small cacti.

You can mix and match the patterns, and use them as a fun centerpiece on your table. It’s a great way to start your own collection!

2- Instant hairstylist

Instant hairstylist Cactus gif

Ward off bad hair days with a cacti-topped planter mascot.  Find one that features a face and an open top.

Have some fun styling your new friend’s hair with a bristly pincushion cactus, or some wild tendrils of Rhipsalis hanging down.

3- Light up your life

Ever wonder what to do with those decorative votive candle holders when you’re not celebrating a special occasion?

They make great homes for small cacti and succulents like sedums. Once they’ve outgrown their home, start a new batch and graduate the old ones to new containers.

4- Send them out for a spin

It’s easy to find old “Lazy Susan” servers secondhand – you may even have one yourself that you never use.

These rotating pieces are great for displaying your potted cacti – you can even rotate the top so that each plant is receiving the same amount of light from the window.

It’s also really easy to move the whole thing to use as a centerpiece or table accent.

5- Serve them up

Serve them up Cactus

Gather up all the old metal soup ladles you can find, hang them from a wire or pot rack, and you have the makings of a great succulent display!

Make sure not to fill the ladles too full, as they’ll likely hang at a bit of an angle. These make a great housewarming gift for cooks – or folks who only use their kitchen to make their coffee in.

6- Dino-Mite Cacti

Dino-Mite Cacti

You’ve probably never tried this out yourself  – but most of those plastic dinosaurs that you can pick up at any dollar store are hollow inside.

It’s easy to make your own plantosaur by cutting a hole somewhere along the top – maybe more than one, if it’s a big dinosaur – and then planting your small cactus.

Depending on the type of cactus, you can get some very interesting looks!

7- Can-did Cactus

Even when you have the opportunity to recycle, it’s hard to throw out some of those attractive cans for coffee and other goods.

Group several of them together for a fun display of cactus and succulent specimens.

They’re a strong, consistent shape to work with, and look great lined up on a ledge or window.

8- Let Them Take a Dip

Birdbaths make great cactus gardens. Indoors or out, a pedestal birdbath gives a strong accent and a nice amount of surface area to work with.

Use one as an offbeat accent, and practice your landscaping skills while you place your plants.

9- Speeding Sedums

Speeding Sedums Cactus

Old toy cars make for great containers. Use one or two for a fun accent, or set up a whole racetrack full around your living room.

Just plop your chosen plant right into the driver’s seat or the truck bed, and try to resist the urge to roll them around too much!

10- Sneak Them In

If it’s hard to part ways with that old pair of high tops someone has outgrown – use them as a planter. Just drop the container down in the top (old coffee mugs work well for this) and lace the shoe back up.

You can use the pair for bookends, or just let them hang out together in your den or teen’s bedroom. Taller cacti look great in these.


Your options are nearly limitless when you’re decorating with cacti and succulents. Their easy care and portability are perfect for containers.

Make sure you always use a proper potting blend for cactus, and ensure that you cacti still receive good light. Otherwise, they’re content to live in whatever you choose for them.

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