Sending flowers at Christmas time is a wonderful, green way to celebrate the holidays and chase away the winter chills.

Here are some of the freshest and appealing choices for every aesthetic and recipient.

1-Pink Bromeliad

Bromeliad Christmas

The architectural simplicity of bromeliad plants fit any types of decor, and the plant will last long after the season passes. With little care, they will be content for even busy recipients.

Their look is sure to be appreciated by those with a sense of drama.

2-White Lilies

White Lilies Christmas

Lilies bring their sweet and sharp fragrance to the holiday home in all sorts of arrangements – always classic, always shining like the Christmas star.

Their versatility makes them appealing to anyone who enjoys fresh flowers.


Amaryllis Christmas

These graceful beauties are like the celebratory fireworks of the holidays. They shoot up on their long stalks and explode into a glorious set of blooms that will last all through the season.

Their beauty is suited to all types of scenes and will find a home anywhere in the recipients home.


Spathiphyllum Christmas

A glossy Peace Lily is a clever way to embrace the green accents of the Christmas season and bring a cheerful tropical flair to anyone’s holiday celebrations.

Their simple white flowers are elegant and their care is easy. They make a lovely gift on their own!


Orchid Christmas

If the winter brings a sense of gloom to someone you know, an orchid is a perfect way to remind them of the joy of the holiday season and the warmth of your love.

Each plant presents a series of blooms that unfold like a small masterpiece. Orchids are an offbeat surprise for your discerning friend.


Roses Christmas

There is nothing quite so classic as roses, and their colors are magnificent during the Christmas holidays.

A seasonally accented bouquet of roses will be an elegant addition to any holiday dinner table. Choose white or red, yellow or pink.



Guzmania Christmas

Gift your loved ones with their own Christmas star – simply send them a stunning Guzmania plant.

These colorful bromeliads will continue to show color for up to 4 months after they arrive. They’re a zesty way to add some long-lasting tropical punch to anyone’s winter days.


Narcissus Christmas

For friends who linger at the scented candles and sigh over the perfume counters – a group of Narcissus in bloom will never be forgotten. Their scent combines beautifully with the smell of evergreen branches and holiday candles, and their impact is a simple halo of lovely flower spikes.

They’re simply remarkable as an office or small flat gift.


Kalanchoe Christmas

Kalanchoes are marvelous Christmas plants, even though they may not pop into your head immediately. They bloom during short days of winter, and their easy care and bright colors are a true joy.

Any plant lover will appreciate their cheerfulness and willingness to carry on happily and green as ever long after the holidays.


Anthurium Christmas

Always ready for the holiday season, Anthurium plants sport their red hearts and bright green leaves with joy and grace. They’re a gift that will live on after the holidays, too. Gift your favorite romantic or admirer of the tropics with this charming greenery.

Flowers and green plants are always a delightful surprise – why not send one of our chosen selections to someone as a treat during the holidays? You’ll be able to find someone for every niche of family and friends, and acquaintances.

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