Daisies are attractive flowers, often associated with innocence and purity. They may seem the simplest flowers in the world, but there are many interesting things that set these flowers apart.

Here are 10 great reasons to love daisies even more than you already do.

1. Two Types of Petals

LolaFlora Two Petals Daisies
A daisy actually has two types of petals.

The ray petals stand out in a ring around the center, which is made up of yellow tubular disc petals.

2. Easy to Find

Easy to Find Daisies LolaFlora

Daisies are easy to find. They grow on every continent except Antarctica. If you can’t find one in the nearest field, virtually every florist sells them.

And, because they’re so common, they’re relatively inexpensive.

3. Edible Flowers

Edible Daisies LolaFlora

Both daisy leaves and daisy flowers are edible. They make a great addition to a salad, soup, or sandwich.

They’ve even been added as edible decorations to wedding cakes. What’s more, they’re high in Vitamin C and very tasty.

4. Has a Plant Behavior

Daisies Plant Behavior LolaFlora

Daisies engage in a plant behavior called nyctinasty. That is, they close up at dark and open up when daylight comes.

In fact, their name likely came from the Anglo-Saxon word “daes eage,” meaning “day’s eyes.”

5. Bees are In Love With Them

Daisies Bees LolaFlora
Bees love daisies, so why shouldn’t you? In fact, bees are the main pollinators of daisies. The purpose of the ray flowers is to attract the bees.

The pollination takes place in the yellow center disc petals, where the bees pick up pollen on their bodies as they’re going for the nectar.

6. Good Medicine

Medicine Daisies LolaFlora

Daisies make good medicine. In homeopathy, they’re used to speed up healing and relieve backache.

In Ancient Rome, they were made into a juice to aid in wound healing, as well. In folk medicine, daisy tea is used for coughs, indigestion, and to slow down bleeding.

7. Can Survive Easily

Daisies Hardy Plants LolaFlora

Daisies are hardy plants. They may look beautiful and delicate, but they can survive nearly anywhere.

In fact, wild daisies are so robust that they can take over like weeds and can’t be easily killed even with pesticides.

8. Love me or Not Game

Love or Not Daisies LolaFlora

They’re great for a game of s/he loves me, s/he loves me not. If you’re ever in doubt about the nature of your relationship, you can just pluck the petals of a daisy one by one, alternating, s/he loves me with s/he loves me not.

When you pluck the last petal, you have your answer. And hey, if you don’t like the first answer, you can try again with another daisy.

9. Thousands of Species

Different Species Daisies

There are over 20,000 species of daisies to love. The most popular are the Gerbera daisies, the Shasta daisies, and the Marguerite daisies, but there are so many more to choose.

10. Many Different Colors

Colorful Daisies LolaFlora

Daisies also come in many different colors. The most well-known are the daisies with white ray petals and a yellow center. But there are also daisies that are purple, red, yellow, and many other colors as well.

Daisies are certainly easy to love. Next time you give a daisy to the one you love, share with them all the reasons listed here as well as your own personal reasons for admiring them. When you do, you’ll be making a memory that lasts and lasts.

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