1- What are top 3 Basic Rules to Have Healthy Orchids?

Orchid Care Rules

Rule 1: The number of buds an orchid has is directly proportionate to the lifetime of the plant. So, as the rule number one, be sure your orchid has buds and green leaves.

Rule 2: Protecting the orchid from direct sunlight is another crucial point for lengthening its lifetime. Orchids do need a bright room to survive similar to other plants, yet, they must not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Rule 3: They also need to be placed on a windowsill as they need fresh air. However, it would be very dangerous for orchids to be placed near air-conditioners.

2- Why Should We Use a Transparent Vase?

Orchids transparent vases

It’s theorized that orchid roots engage in photosynthesis, and are in need of the sunlight as their stems do. Transparent vases are designed to make it possible for the roots to have enough sunlight.

It is also better to keep the plant in the same pot since the soil of orchids consists of a mixture of special ingredients that the orchids use in the wild instead of regular soil that is used in other plants.

3- How Frequently Should We Water the Orchid?

Orchids need to be watered at least twice a week. A glass of water is the ideal amount. You can also mist the orchids with a spray bottle twice a week, in order to provide wetness for the leaves to support its health.

4-When Does the Orchid Start to Rebloom?

Orchids Blooming

Orchid flowers can last up to 3-4 months under normal circumstances. As the orchid’s blossom falls, you can cut the upper parts of the stems in order to make it blossom again. Do not forget to cover the parts you cut with an aluminum foil to ensure it develops into a bud again.

One last important note is that the aerial roots of the orchid should never be removed. These air roots are perfectly normal for these plants and there is nothing to worry about as they are used to absorb extra moist from the air and essential for the survival of the plant.

5-What is a Keiki?

When you see your plant reforming its leaves, it’s time to party since your orchid is having a baby! Keikis (pronounced as “kay-kees”) is a Hawaiian word meaning “child” and is referred as a name used for these little baby plants.

When the keiki grows, it should be taken apart from the main body of the plant. Please note that you should wait for keiki to have at least two leaves and a root before you remove it from its parent. Otherwise, it won’t be able to grow strong roots.

Transparent vases should be used for keikis, too. Chilly atmosphere is needed for keikis to flourish.

6- How can I grow keikis?

Sometimes, orchids produce keikis as a survival mechanism when they live under negative conditions. As they will die soon, they try to produce babies. So, if you place your orchid in a darker area and give less water than usual, keikis are expected to appear within a month’s time.

7- How can I fix the broken stems?

Orchid stems cut

It is not possible to make fix broken stems, however, you can still try to have keikis on the broken stems. You can place the broken stem in a vase with water and watch the keikis grow.

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