What beautiful plants anthuriums are!

So chic and even easy to find in any flower shop.

If you want to give away attractive and long-lasting flowers, then the anthuriums are the right choice for you.

They have been in the list of favorite flowers for years and they totally deserved it. They are very beautiful plants with brilliant green leaves and colorful bracts and a big pistil. They are tropical flowers with a long lasting life, a cut flower can live up to 8 weeks in a vase, depending on the variety and the season.

The word Anthurium comes from the Ancient Greek. Anthos that means ‘flowering’ and Oura that means  ‘Tail’. Have been called like this due to the way the bracts grow with a pistil (tail).

They have different names such as:

  • Bullhead,
  • Tail flowers,
  • Flamingo flowers,
  • Painted tongues
  • Cock’s comb.

Red anthuriums are the most popular, but we can find them in different colors such as purple, orange, yellow or even green.

An interesting fact is that the colorful bract is the one considered as a flower the majority of times, but this is a mistake. The real flower grows inside the pistil and looks like little balls.


In 1875, the first variety of Anthurium was discovered by the doctor in Medicine and Botanics, Dr.  Karl von Scherzer.

Nowadays we know nearly  800 species of Anthuriums that are distributed  in all the tropical areas of America from Mexico until the North of Argentina and Uruguay.


These plants can get adapted to a wide range of weather conditions and blossom during the whole year, this gives them the reputation of hospitality flower. Their presence speaks also about happiness and abundance.

Like other flowers, the colors of the anthuriums also deliver different messages:

Red ones; speak of Love and Passion.

White ones; reflects innocence and purity.

And Pink ones; reveal compassion, feminity and motherly love.

They are ideal to decorate events such as weddings, graduations, work promotions or retirement celebrations.


Anthuriums are easy to take care of. They prefer an illuminated place but avoiding direct sunlight.

It is preferable to water them twice per week with warm water. It is important to verify the level of humidity and the color of the soil, it shouldn’t be dry, and if the soil turns black instead of brown will mean that we are over-watering them.

When the leaves are bright, it means that the plant is happy and well cared.

Anthuriums can keep blooming even after the leaves and flowers wilt. We just need to cut the old leaves and flowers so that they grow up again.

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