Christmas is a wonderful time to decorate your home to create a festive vibe for the holidays. After the holiday is over, though, you have to find something to do with the Christmas tree decorations.

Christmas Tree

You can store them if they’re good enough to use next year or just throw them away. Here are some other alternatives that are both practical and environmentally friendly.

  1. Broken glass ornaments: Take the pieces and glue them around the edges of a mirror to create a beautiful mosaic frame for your mirror.
  2. Colored Christmas tree light bulbs: Get a wire wreath form and attach burnt out colored light bulbs in a decorative pattern to create a wreath that accents your home décor.
  3. Garland: Fluffy garland makes great packing material for sending precious items through the mail.
  4. Wrapping paper scraps: Cut out pieces to fit the drawers in your kitchen or home office to brighten up your indoor spaces.
  5. Pine or fir wreath: Save the needles, dry them out, and store them in cloth bags. They make a beautifully fragrant potpourri to freshen up your closet, drawers, or living spaces.
  6. Candy canes: Make homemade biscotti. Then, melt leftover candy canes, dip one end of the fresh biscotti, and let it dry for a bit of extra sweetness and crunch.
  7. Christmas cards: Cut out pictures or greetings from used Christmas cards to make colorful or sparkly gift tags for birthdays, anniversaries, or other occasions.
Christmas Tree Recycle

Christmas is a fantastic time of year, but the fun doesn’t have to end the day after the holiday is over. When you reuse Christmas decorations wisely, you can keep the joy alive all year long.

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