If you love healthy, full buds on your rose plants every spring, it’s important to learn how to take care of them throughout the cold winter months.

There are several important steps you must take to prepare them for winter that start in early fall.

If you follow this set of guidelines, you will have beautiful blooms when the winter winds give in to spring showers.

Rose care winter

Mulch and Fertilizer

Roses in winter

Fertilizer is important for your roses, but you want your rose bush to know that it is almost time to go dormant.

  • In the fall you want to stop fertilizing and add mulch. Your roses are going to need the extra protection on its roots from the cold and if you live in a very cold climate, you want to make a large mound.
  • The mulch will also help absorb water and keep the weeds down the upcoming spring.
  • Don’t forget to remove the extra mulch in the spring as it can cause rot and attract insects that will eat your plant.

Pruning and Water

In the early fall, you are going to want to stop pruning your roses. You don’t want any new growth that can be damaged by the cold, leave the remaining flowers so they can form into the hip.

  • Hips are seed pods and when your roses bush starts producing them, it is done for the season and starts going dormant.
  • After the first frost, you want to thoroughly water your roses. They are going to be on their own for the upcoming winter and giving them a good soak for their last watering will help them in the upcoming months.

Dead Leaves

Pink roses during winter

You want to remove all the dead leaves at the end of fall to prevent despises from infecting your rose bushes.

If you do have disease leaves, make sure you do not add them to your mulch pile as this can damage them and the disease will infect your plant in the spring when you put on the infected mulch.

You can tell if they are bad if you see black spots or an insect infestation.

Covering Your Roses

Roses winter
Some winters can get very cold with high-speed winds that can do a lot of damage to your roses. To protect your roses from harsh winter winds and freezing temperatures, you can cover them with a burlap sack.

  • In some cases, you can cover them with a large trash bag, but the burlap sack is the ideal solution.
  • Make sure it is weighted down on the bottom, you may need to tie a few of your stems together to ensure they all fit into your bags.

The rose has evolved from a simple flower to a multitude of varieties. There is no one guide to take care of every type of rose plant.

If you follow this general guideline while taking into consideration general care for the region you live in, your roses will be hardy and healthy in the spring to come.

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