Since the first International Women’s Day in 1911, March 8 has been set aside as a day to remember the achievements of women, including economic, social, cultural, and political advancements.

Giving a woman flowers on International Women’s Day is a way of telling her that you respect and value her. So, what is the perfect flower to send this message?

1. Pansy Violet

Womens Day Pansy Violet

The pansy violet is a lovely purple flower that symbolizes free thinking. It was the free-thinking women of the world who fostered the view that women should have equal status and rights.

In fact, Clara Zetkin, the woman who first proposed a special day to honor women for their achievements, was a woman who dared to think in untraditional ways.

In addition, purple has been adopted as the classic color for International Women’s Day, because purple stands for dignity and justice. So, purple pansies are a great choice for any woman you admire.

2. Crocus

Womens Day Crocus

Crocus is another purple flower. This flower is a symbol of youth and innocence, so it’s a wonderful choice for young women.

The flower has a dainty cup shape with a tall stamen at its center. Because it’s a flower that can bloom early in the year despite cold weather, it’s usually easy to find in early March.

3. Iris

Womens Day Iris

In the early years of the celebration, green was used to symbolize hope and white to symbolize purity. Therefore, you can choose a white iris with purple edges and green leave to recognize the traditional color scheme of the day.

Irises show admiration for wisdom, a quality that women have been known for throughout the ages. Choose a solid-color purple iris to recognize the current theme of purple as a symbol of Women’s Day.

4. Roses

Womens Day Roses

Roses are as rare and unique as the woman you love. For a romantic partner, then, roses are a perfect choice on International Women’s Day. Their elegant, sophisticated look is just right for your favorite woman’s home. Give a lavish bouquet of only purple roses, or get a mixed purple bouquet that includes them. Your loved one will feel honored and cherished on this special day.

5. Purple Zinnias

Womens Day Zinnias

Like the women who have fought so hard to gain civil rights and gender parity, the purple prince zinnia is a flower that can survive harsh conditions. The zinnia is a full, round bloom with many petals radiating from its center.

As a symbol of transformation, this flower is a marvelous reminder that the roles, opportunities, and status of women are still changing and improving every day through the arduous process of socio-economic change brought about by courageous women around the world.

On this March 8, send the message of admiration and encouragement to the women in your life. Whatever flower you choose, give it with love, respect, and honor to celebrate not only the day but also the wonderful things these women bring into the world.

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