Special Days

From Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to romance-infused special occasions like anniversaries or Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing better than a gift that conveys the joyful spirit of a memorable celebration. And to us, that gift is no other than stunning blooms in a plethora of rainbow hues, rich in alluring fragrances and featuring the most enticing visuals. Fresh, lush and loaded with positive energy, floral gifts always manage to send symbolic, meaningful messages to their lucky recipients – be it messages of love, appreciation, joy, devotion or gratitude.

Whether you’re on a mission to shop for the perfect blossoming present for your love or on the hunt for an unforgettable Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Woman’s Day gift, our Special Days Category is the ultimate destination, as we aim to help you celebrate those important occasions in your life with the timeliest floral delights that speak louder than words.

Stay in-the-know, enjoy our wide range of articles and find out which types of flowers are best suited for each and every special occasion in your life – from the delicate lilies and graceful tulips destined to celebrate Mother’s Day to the quintessentially romantic roses and sumptuous peonies for Valentine’s Day and the green flowering plants or violet asters perfect for Father’s Day.