It’s safe to assume that a love of houseplants will extend to gardening outside, too. With the warming weather, it’s natural to start thinking about what the summer will hold for us, horticulturally speaking.

Just to get the process started, here are some of our best tips for preparing for the best season of the year -gardening season!

Make the beds

Garden Rearranging

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about bed linens! No, it’s time to take a critical look at your existing garden plots, and start thinking about what lies ahead.

Is your mulch drifting and thin in spots? Have the weeds started creeping in around the edges?

Leaves and other natural compost that have spent the cooler months decomposing into nutrient-rich humus can now be worked into the top layer of your garden soil. Doing some work now to loosen up the soil will make it easier to add plants later, as well as giving their young roots a gentle start and room to grow. Be sure to refresh your mulch on the bed surface – it’s not only attractive, but helps reduce weeds and reduce moisture loss for your plants in the warmer months. Save a little for topping off any planted containers, where it will provide the same advantages. Now is also the time to dig up any old weeds or new invaders, before they take over!

Do some scrubbing

Garden Tools

Get pots and tools ready for spring by cleaning them up and checking them for damage. If last year’s plants were healthy, you can give your pots a wash in some soapy water, making sure that they are free of any insect eggs that may have survived the winter.

If you were beset with diseases, you’ll need to disinfect them, as well. No need to get your gardening year off to a bad start!

For tools, you’ll want to break out a sturdy brush and the garden hose to remove any caked-on soil and disease-causing hitchhikers, like fungus. Check for loose handles and that their edges are still serviceably sharp. Once they’re dry, oil any hinges or edges, and make a habit of storing them in a container of sharp sand that will help keep them clean and prevent rust from forming.

Shine it up

Green Garden

If you’re lucky enough to have a greenhouse, spring is the time to make sure it’s clean and ready for all those seedlings. Give everything a good sweep and hosing down, and use a disinfectant approved for horticultural use if you had any problems with plant diseases last season. Remove any old leaves or dead plants, and send them off to the compost pile.

If you’re concerned about potting soil being reused, you may wish to sterilize it yourself by exposing it to temperatures of 180 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes.

Pots in Garden

Be sure to clean and disinfect the insides of greenhouse windows, too – the moist environment can encourage fungus and algae to grow. In addition, cleaner windows let in more light! Once you’ve let the whole greenhouse get thoroughly dry, you’re ready to kick-start your growing season!

Enjoy your time in the garden, and remember that LolaFlora carries all the best floral gifts for the plant lovers in your life!

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