There’s no doubt that lavender is a beautiful flower. It has a lovely purple color, delicate blossoms, and a magnificent aroma.

Here are just a few of the ways you can use this flower to bring light, life, and a wonderful fragrance into your life.

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Wedding Flowers

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Lavender is often used in bridal bouquets, sometimes on its own, but usually as a bright accent in a mixed bouquet. Brides love its dainty purple color and its unusual shape.

Lavender can also be used for decorations on chairs, aisles, and tables. Not only its appearance but also its scent enhances the ambiance of the wedding venue.

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Lavender is used widely in aromatherapy. Lavender essential oils can help with issues like anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia. But you don’t have to use essential oils to get these benefits.

A roomful of fresh lavender flowers can have the same relaxing effect and look amazing at the same time.


More and more, chefs are getting interested in using flowers to create delicious dishes. Lavender has a spicy, slightly bitter taste.

You can substitute lavender for rosemary in any savory dish. The taste is slightly different but still very flavorful. It also makes a nice addition to a lemon cake, both stirred into the batter and as a decoration on top.

There’s really nothing in the world quite like lavender. For its unique look, its fragrant aroma, and even its spicy taste, it’s a flower you can enjoy at any occasion.

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