Chrysanthemums often called “mums” are one of the world’s favorite flower varieties.

This opulent flower comes in many shapes and sizes and is prized for its long lasting bloom and eye-catching, colors and patterns.

The gorgeous chrysanthemum is the birth flower for people who were born in the month of November and it is wonderful both as a cut flower or to grow in your garden.


Chrysanthemums History

• Chrysanthemums have been grown as ornamental flowers and herbs in Asia for thousands of years and they are also native to North Eastern Europe.
• In ancient Chinese culture, the Chrysanthemum symbolized nobility and featured in art, poetry and sacred ceremonies.
• These blooms were highly valued throughout Asia and both China and Japan still celebrate annual Chrysanthemum festivals.
• By 1630, there were more than 500 cultivated varieties of chrysanthemum and nowadays this number is in the thousands. 

Colors and Symbolism

Chrysanthemums Colors

With so many different varieties, chrysanthemums come in practically every color.

• In the United States, the Chrysanthemum is associated with joy and optimism and in Australia, people traditionally wear a white chrysanthemum on Mothers’ Day which falls in May when this flower is in bloom.
• Red chrysanthemums symbolize love while the white blooms stand for loyalty and friendship.
• Violet chrysanthemums are often given as get well gifts to people who are unwell.
• Yellow chrysanthemums are a symbol of lost love and sadness which is interesting because yellow is such a cheerful color!
Chrysanthemums are also the traditional gift to celebrate a 13th wedding anniversary.

Interesting Facts

Chrysanthemums Interesting Facts

As chrysanthemums have been around for such a long time, there are lots of fun facts about this plant and its flower.
Chrysanthemums are widely consumed in China both as a food ingredient and in for medical purposes.
The plant and its flowers are used to treat high blood pressure, chest pain, diabetes, and headaches.

Extracts of the bloom are also used in many commercial insecticides as the plant produces a compound that paralyzes insects.

The chrysanthemum is the United States’ most popular commercially produced flower and is known as “The Queen of Fall Flowers”.

Chrysanthemums are composites, which means that their blooms are actually made up of multiple tiny flowers.

How to Grow and Care for Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums How to Care

No matter where you live in the world, there is a chrysanthemum variety perfect for your garden.

Chrysanthemums make wonderful bedding plants and are easy to grow and care for.  The best time of year to plant Chrysanthemums is in spring.

– Visit your local garden center and select the variety that you like best.
– Most varieties of this plant are quite hardy and will tolerate a light frost.
– Chrysanthemums like well-draining soil and regular watering so make sure to water your young plants regularly. In the summertime as light increases, your plants will start to develop buds.
Fertilize your chrysanthemums once every fortnight throughout summertime and you’ll be rewarded with vibrant, colorful blooms that will last until fall.
– You can also grow chrysanthemums in containers on your patio or balcony.

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