April is a month when spring shows her fullest glory.

So, it makes sense that the sweet pea, with its abundant, colorful blooms, is the birth flower of April.

Giving your loved one this flower for a birthday or just to brighten their day brings the spirit of the season to them wherever they are.

What Is a Sweet Pea?

Sweet pea is a beautiful climbing plant, usually with delicate pastel-colored blooms of blue, pink, purple, and white.

Although those are the most common colors, sweet peas have been grown in almost every color except yellow and orange. Each bloom has an unusual ruffled appearance and five distinct petals.

This flower has an intensely sweet, appealing fragrance. The plants usually grow from 1 to 2 meters high but can reach 10 meters high.

Gardeners often support these climbers with canes or trellises to allow them more space to grow. The blooms come on in midsummer.

History of the Sweet Pea

The plant that became the sweet pea had a mild sweet scent but not much else going for it. It was relatively unknown until the 1800s when Scotsman Henry Eckford cross-bred the flower to develop the sweet pea. Eckford had gotten the seeds for the original plant from a Sicilian monk, F. Kupani, who sent them to him in the U.K.

At the same time as Eckford was working with sweet peas, others were cultivating the plant in Italy, Cyprus, and Sicily. In his time, Eckford introduced 115 cultivars of the sweet pea, and others contributed another 149 during the same time period. Many more have been developed since then.

Some say that it was the poet John Keats who gave this flower the name of sweet pea. The flower was very popular in the Victorian era.

It was often used as a decoration at social events, where its meaning was to thank guests and bid them a happy farewell.

Meaning of the Sweet Pea

The sweet pea is a relatively new flower compared to flowers that have been cultivated since ancient times. However, people have associated certain meanings with the sweet pea since it was developed.

  • First, it’s known as a symbol of blissful pleasure, due to its lush, bright blossoms.
  • The sweet pea is also a flower associated with greetings and common kindnesses.
  • This flower makes a great farewell gift, expressing your best wishes as your loved one sets off on a journey.
  • In France, there’s a tradition that the sweet pea is a positive omen for brides on their wedding day.
  • It’s also a nice thank-you flower, perfect to give to someone who has done something nice or helpful for you.
  • Whether you give sweet peas for an April birthday, as a going-away gift, or to say thank you for a wonderful time, these flowers express the perfect message of love and kindness.

    They’re beautiful, cheerful, and have such a light, sweet fragrance, and also, they’re sure to create the right impression for any occasion.

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