Christmas is just around the corner. This is the perfect time to start planning your holiday list.

Sure, giving money or gift cards are nice, but where’s the creativity?

Why not make this year the year of standing out? Wow, your friends and family members with these creative and budget-friendly Christmas gifts.

1. Bottles of Wine

Wine is always a good idea. The awesome thing about wine is that you can find delicious blends for decent prices. You can stock up on different flavors for your favorite friends.

You may even want to snag a few bottles for yourself.

2. Flowers

Flowers are always excellent gift ideas. They are beautiful and symbolic of your love for others. Your loved ones will appreciate the sheer beauty of floral arrangements.

We suggest switching from the traditional Poinsettia and exploring different plants. Perhaps a beautiful orchid or bouquet of red roses will do the trick. These gifts bring positive energy to others and make statement centerpieces.

3. Relaxing Beauty Kits

Make your loved ones set aside some necessary “me time” by making them personalized beauty kits.

Simply gather a few of your favorite face masks and place them in a nicely wrapped gift box. This will be their go-to gift for those after holiday parties.

4. Cell Phone Accessories

Everyone loves a new phone case! Keep your loved ones on trend with inexpensive phone cases. You can find inexpensive designs that match each of your loved one’s personalities.

5. Mantra Notes

Quotes and inspirational sayings are powerful.

Print out some of your favorite quotes and make a personalized mantra journal for your loved ones. You can purchase an inexpensive notebook and place the notes on a few of the pages.

When your friend uses it, they will stumble across little hints of motivation along the way.

6. Books

Give the gift of imagination to your loved ones. Maybe it’s a book you’ve enjoyed or one that you’re intrigued by. No matter the cause, giving your friends and family members a book to read is the gift that keeps on giving.

7. Candles

Nothing quite says cozy like a sweet smelling candle. Fortunately, candles can are both beautiful and inexpensive. You can choose one candle for each of your loved ones that best fits their style.

Every time they use their gift, they’ll think of your thoughtful gift.

8. Personalized Mugs and Tumbler’s

Personalized coffee mugs are great and inexpensive gift ideas for your loved ones. Keep it simple with an initial decal. Or, jazz it up with one of their favorite quotes. It doesn’t hurt to fill these up with coffee either.

9. Memorable Moments

Printed photos are such a novelty in this digital world. If you’re on a budget but want to give your loved ones something special, frame their best photos.

Start by gathering photos of your favorite memories from social media. Print them out and arrange them in a frame. You can even personalize the frame with custom decorations, messages, or engravings.

This gift brings a personal touch without spending a ton.

10. Mason Jar Cookies

Give your loved ones the gift of the desert with these delicious recipe jars. You can purchase pre-made, or, get crafty and make your own! All you need is a mason jar, cookie ingredients, and a few decorations to make this pop.

‘Tis the season for loving, laughing, and giving. Make this year easy on your mind and wallet by getting creative. We’re sure your friends and family members will love it!

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