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Bouquet Of Pink Lilies
Bouquet Of Pink Lilies

Bouquet Of Pink Lilies

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Product Details
Pink Lillium : 3 pcs

Many people like the idea of ????etting away from traditional gifts, particularly when it comes to flowers. There is nothing better than surprising a special person with something that does not expect, and even better with a bouquet of flowers that moves away from the traditional, and that is quite creative.

This bouquet of flowers includes:

Three pink lilies at maximum opening
Lilies in half of its development
Decorative plants

Our expert florists have put all their creativity in this beautiful bouquet consisting of different lilies in different growth stage, and that together form a beautiful unique bouquet that guarantees life and color in any space for quite some time. P>

Rosas lilies symbolize femininity, falling in love and admiration:

When you want to admire someone or simply want to say "you are so beautiful and pure", giving out lily is definitely a wonderful choice. Because pink lilies are usually given to the person who loves and admires the most. That is why, when it comes to occasions such as Mother's Day, people send pink lilies to exhibit pure feelings of love for women who gave them life.

In addition to that, you can also give them to your girlfriend, since you also want to worship their beauty and the link they share. This is the flower of admiration and the exaltation of beauty, regardless of whoever the bouquet is directed.

With the right message, this bouquet of roses can send exactly the message you want, and gets completely from a traditional gift of roses, or other flowers a little more common.

The flowers in the arrangement can be of different colors and sizes depending on the stock status.

Some of the flowers in the flower arrangement can be sent closed, even if they do not bloom due to seasonal conditions. Closed flowers open within 1-2 days, at room temperature.

Product Code: lf539
Reviews (645)

excelente servicio

L*** C*** Verified Purchase 01-12-2023

Se equivocaron al momento de la entrega y entregaron una tarjeta errónea.

V*** E*** Verified Purchase 29-11-2023

hola, quede muy contenta con el servicio si es lo que esperaba y entregada en tiempo, muchas gracias, super recomendado

M*** P*** Verified Purchase 23-11-2023

F*** L*** D*** S*** Verified Purchase 17-11-2023

excelente servicio en tiempo y forma volvería a comprar con ustedes mil gracias

A*** G*** A*** Verified Purchase 15-11-2023

A*** P*** Verified Purchase 08-11-2023

F*** J*** J*** M*** Verified Purchase 28-10-2023

Arreglo muy bonito y cuidado. Quien lo recibió quedó muy contenta. Seguiré pidiendo a través de esta aplicación, el servicio y la calidad me satisface.

M*** S*** Verified Purchase 25-10-2023

algunas flores estaban maltratadas y el vino que pedí no fue el que me entregaron

C*** C*** Verified Purchase 13-10-2023

E*** S*** Verified Purchase 13-10-2023

La entrega fue exitosa, a tiempo y en buenas condiciones el arreglo. El repartidor nos brindó un buen consejo para conservar más días éste. Excelente atención.

S*** E*** H*** Verified Purchase 09-10-2023

L*** C*** G*** S*** Verified Purchase 05-10-2023

Muy bonito entregado a tiempo gracias

M*** Verified Purchase 05-10-2023

Todo excelente, el servicio fue muy rápido y eficiente y las flores llegaron en perfecto estado

D*** H*** I*** Verified Purchase 04-10-2023

M*** B*** Verified Purchase 03-10-2023

Muy bonitas, le encantaron a mi mamá.

B*** D*** Verified Purchase 02-10-2023

Excelente atención

A*** S*** Verified Purchase 30-09-2023

L*** V*** Verified Purchase 24-09-2023

Son buenos , sin embargo no pueden hacer cambios de horario el mismo día y de manera unilateral

J*** M*** Verified Purchase 22-09-2023

El producto está bien, pero se equivocaron al momento de la entrega de flores

D*** Verified Purchase 19-09-2023

A*** V*** G*** A*** Verified Purchase 19-09-2023

Excelente servicio, nunca me han fallado

F*** Verified Purchase 07-09-2023

J*** Verified Purchase 05-09-2023

F*** R*** Verified Purchase 02-09-2023

Facilidad para realizar la compra del producto. Variedad en tipo y precios del producto. Buen sistema de localización del producto durante el reparto. Puntualidad en la entrega.

C*** O*** Verified Purchase 28-08-2023

K*** A*** Verified Purchase 26-08-2023

Entregaron en tiempo y forma, es arreglo aun una semana después se ve increíble.

H*** M*** E*** Verified Purchase 25-08-2023

Lo recomiendo mucho, muy bellas flores y están frescas

B*** G*** Verified Purchase 23-08-2023

soy clientes, por su buen servicio y puntualidad

J*** H*** V*** M*** Verified Purchase 22-08-2023

Las flores llegaron en buen estado y con la envoltura correcta. El pedido llego sin contratiempo

J*** O*** Verified Purchase 22-08-2023

es muy recomendable y a tiempo sus entregas gracias por es gran

M*** T*** Verified Purchase 19-08-2023

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Muy buen servicio, gracias.

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Excelente atención

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muchas gracias ☺️

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Todo perfecto, se entrego en tiempo y las flores en muy buen estado y la estética de las mismas excelente.

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muy buen servicio, cuidadosos de cada detalle, 100% recomendables.

M*** G*** Verified Purchase 14-08-2023

E*** A*** Verified Purchase 12-08-2023

P*** Verified Purchase 12-08-2023

Excelente arreglo. Felicidades.

C*** Verified Purchase 11-08-2023

R*** L*** L*** Verified Purchase 11-08-2023

S*** Verified Purchase 10-08-2023

Le encantó a mi novia, gracias

R*** S*** Verified Purchase 10-08-2023

Excelente compra, le encantaron

V*** H*** D*** C*** Verified Purchase 10-08-2023

L*** E*** A*** Verified Purchase 10-08-2023

Excelente servicio , flores hermosas ... muchas Gracias ... recomendable al 100% mil Gracias.

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