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Perfect Bouquet For That Special Someone
Perfect Bouquet For That Special Someone

Perfect Bouquet For That Special Someone

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This product is the favorite of 6632 people.
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Product Details
Rosa Fuscsia : 6 pcs Pink Alstroemeria : 10 pcs

An elegant bouquet of Rosas Topaz with astromelias, care in detail, and decorated with black paper and long stems. It is perfect for an occasion when you want to surprise a loved one. The branch includes:

6 fuchsia roses.
More than a dozen astromelias.
Black paper wrap.
uses of the Topaz Rose

Since Topaz roses symbolize gratitude, femininity and comfort, there are a variety of uses for them. Look at the reasons to search Topaz roses with astromelias for each of these purposes:

Thanks: all pink roses symbolize gratitude, so they are the gift of perfect thanks to show your appreciation for friends and family.
Home decoration: Topaz roses represent femininity and grace, which makes them an elegant complement to your work space, kitchen or bedroom.
New love: Topaz roses do not come with the romantic implications of red roses, and provide a gift without pressure for possible love interest.

Astromelias also have a strong meaning, and are the perfect complement in our bouquet. It is often thought that they represent mutual support. And the ability to help each other through the evidence imposed by life.


Although they were traditionally considered a flower of friendship, they have recently become a romantic flower. And a popular option for wedding branches and wedding flowers!


The meaning behind astromelia derives from the six beautiful flower petals. Each petal represents a different characteristic: understanding, humor, patience, empathy, commitment and respect. Its twisted leaves are also a symbol of union, stability and overcoming difficulties together.


The flowers in the arrangement can be of different colors and sizes depending on the stock status.

Some of the flowers in the flower arrangement can be sent closed, even if they do not bloom due to seasonal conditions. Closed flowers open within 1-2 days, at room temperature.

Product Code: lf530
Reviews (2903)

R*** V*** Verified Purchase 27-11-2023

Muy bonito el arreglo y además le gustó bastante el detalle a mi novia

A*** R*** Verified Purchase 25-11-2023

U*** Verified Purchase 22-11-2023

Sin duda cada que recomiendo este negocio llega todo en perfectas condiciones, felicidades por que siempre esta todo muy lindo y son puntuales con la entrega

M*** R*** Verified Purchase 20-11-2023

O*** P*** Verified Purchase 19-11-2023

Excelente servicio

L*** A*** Verified Purchase 18-11-2023

Falto la entrega de los bombones que acompañaban las flores

F*** G*** B*** Verified Purchase 17-11-2023

O*** M*** Verified Purchase 17-11-2023

Todo muy bien. Muy bonito. Felicitaciones.

O*** H*** Verified Purchase 17-11-2023

No fue entregado

H*** M*** Verified Purchase 17-11-2023

A*** E*** Verified Purchase 16-11-2023

V*** J*** Verified Purchase 15-11-2023

Le encanto! Son hermosas, llegaron en buen estado y en menos de 2 horas.

S*** Verified Purchase 15-11-2023

Excelente servicio

J*** S*** Verified Purchase 14-11-2023

Buenas tardes un favor existe la posibilidad de que me indiquen a quien entregaron el pedido, ya que por casualidad a quien fue dirigido no se encontraba ayer laborando por lo q no lo recibió , solo para corroborar q lo reciba

A*** Verified Purchase 13-11-2023

M*** E*** Verified Purchase 13-11-2023

Todo muy bien

E*** Verified Purchase 13-11-2023

Muy lindo arreglo, gracias

L*** A*** V*** P*** (*** Verified Purchase 10-11-2023

D*** V*** Verified Purchase 10-11-2023

Good service

M*** C*** Verified Purchase 10-11-2023

No entregan las cosas como lo anuncian en sus fotos, además la app no funciona no me acepto el pago.

J*** D*** L*** L*** M*** Verified Purchase 08-11-2023

P*** S*** Verified Purchase 05-11-2023

Excelente servicio y puntualidad en entrega. Se notificó entrega oportunamente

A*** Verified Purchase 03-11-2023

Súper servicio, atentos. Mil gracias

V*** R*** Verified Purchase 03-11-2023

No llevaba la tarjeta y no se enteraron de quien

O*** C*** V*** Verified Purchase 02-11-2023

quiero saber porque no abrieron mis mensajes,ustedes están obligados a contestarme porque si no desea preguntas no abran un chat de preguntar al vendedor

A*** M*** R*** R*** Verified Purchase 01-11-2023

Bon service

S*** D*** Verified Purchase 01-11-2023

Hermoso el ramo, las flores frescas y llegaron a tiempo. ningun contratiempo en la compra y en la entrega.

A*** D*** C*** S*** E*** Verified Purchase 01-11-2023

excelente servicio, muy atentos y llega justo lo que ofrecen

O*** R*** N*** Verified Purchase 31-10-2023

J*** G*** C*** Verified Purchase 31-10-2023

Siempre a tiempo y los arreglos muy padres

C*** G*** Verified Purchase 30-10-2023

S*** L*** V*** Verified Purchase 29-10-2023

Gracias por la entrega. Llegó en muy buen estado.

M*** R*** G*** Verified Purchase 27-10-2023

Me hubiera gustado que se entregara personalmente

E*** F*** S*** Verified Purchase 25-10-2023

Excelente servicio on line y la entrega a tiempo con muy buena comunicación

E*** V*** Verified Purchase 25-10-2023

Excelente servicio, le encantaron y además el servicio fue excelente!!!

D*** A*** E*** Verified Purchase 25-10-2023

R*** N*** Verified Purchase 25-10-2023

V*** G*** A*** Verified Purchase 25-10-2023

K*** C*** Verified Purchase 24-10-2023

G*** Verified Purchase 21-10-2023

mi primer compra y me han sorprendido

J*** C*** P*** Verified Purchase 20-10-2023

Fue muy sencillo y llegó perfecto, ¡gracias! Solo incluiría opción para programar la entrega, por lo demás, ¡felicidades!

V*** C*** Verified Purchase 20-10-2023

E*** Verified Purchase 20-10-2023

D*** S*** C*** Verified Purchase 20-10-2023

A*** P*** A*** Verified Purchase 19-10-2023

Muchas gracias , mi persona especial quedó encantada , muy buen servicio y atención

J*** A*** P*** Z*** Verified Purchase 17-10-2023

Excelente servicio, muy puntuales

M*** R*** Verified Purchase 16-10-2023

A*** M*** Verified Purchase 16-10-2023

No entregaron nunca el pedido y no me han dado solucion!

T*** C*** Verified Purchase 13-10-2023

J*** M*** Verified Purchase 13-10-2023