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Double Purple Orchid
Double Purple Orchid

Double Purple Orchid

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Product Details
Pink Orchid : 1 pcs

A beautiful orchid arrangement is a gift that anyone will know how to appreciate, not only for the feelings that come from who gives it, but also because it works as an excellent decorative element. This branch includes:

Double purple orchid.
Decorative plant.
White pot.

There are many people who are lovers of orchids, above other flowers. What makes these flowers so particular, in addition to their beautiful appearance, is that they usually grow in complicated conditions and almost any type of climate. In addition to that, this plant gives off an elegant tone like no other.

Some people can argue that the beauty of orchids lies in their physical attractiveness, while others are attracted to their symbolism of charm, love, beauty, refinement, consideration and fertility. As always there is a reason to send wonderful flowers, you will surely find some particular occasion to give a beautiful purple orchid orchid that complements an important message.

popular orchids such as cymbidium, phalaenopsis and dendrobium come in a variety of colors, which include blue, red, pink, white, purple, yellow, orange and green. Each captivating tone is connected to a unique symbol or meaning of orchid.

purple orchids symbolize dignity, respect and admiration. These bold orchids are also a common symbol of royalty, wealth and class. In the Victorian era, rich and real families greatly admired purple orchids, and their link with these impressive flowers still exists. Purple orchids are great to give to someone you respect and admire, such as a boss or a teacher.

This beautiful bouquet of purple orchids also comes with a free shipping promotion wherever you want to send them.

The flowers in the arrangement can be of different colors and sizes depending on the stock status.

There is a great deal of symbolism held in the orchid, sending a touching message to the loving, beautiful, intelligent “queen” in your life. Whether it’s a partner, friend or family, there is always an amazingly touching surprise in a beautiful double purple orchid bouquet delivered.
Just like the love and appreciation that can be shown doubly with this purple orchid, the flower itself can last in the home of its recipient. With the expression of your long-lasting and majestic love with this purple gift, it can also be easily treated to last longer than other flowers displayed in the home.
Symbolic of depth overall, the beauty of this purple orchid shows the depth of love and feeling for whomever receives the gift you send. Great, glorious and beloved, there is nothing better than receiving a double purple orchid.

Product Code: lf352
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Super atentos y rápidos para solucionar cambios

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Todo muy bien. Muy buen servicio y calidad. Volvería a comprar.

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excelente servicio

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Todo muy bien con la entrega del pedido. Muy formal y de acuerdo a lo solicitado. Gracias!

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muy Buena servicio..

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Satisfecho volveré a ordenar.

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todo en orden a tiempo la entrega y un producto muy bueno además q cuando uno envía flores es por un motivo especial y su buen servicio hace ese motivo doblemente especial muchas gracias

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E*** O*** Verified Purchase 23-10-2023

muy buen servicio es exelente la flor que compre es fantástico y hermosa la atención es incomparable que otras empresas y el trato al cliente es exelente pero solo hay que mejorar la aplicación por un contratiempo

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Excelencia en el servicio ,entregado a tiempo mil gracias!🤗

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Gracias por entregarlo hasta las manos del destinatario. Son los mejores.

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Está muy linda, llego en buenas condiciones y rápido

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Excelente servicio puntualidad calidad y atención en todo momento

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Excelente servicio, además de muy bonitas las flores!

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Hermosas las flores y entregadas en tiempo. Me encantaron ! Excelente el servicio y el precio también

L*** G*** S*** Verified Purchase 25-09-2023

Compré estas flores porque especificamente dicen Orquídeas moradas. Pero, llegarón blancas.

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Todo excelente, solamente que me entregaron otras flores de otra persona, sí fueron orquídeas, pero de otro color y otra dedicatoria

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Buen dia Los tomaremos en cuanta para el envio de arreglos a nuestos diferentes clientes. Por ahora necesito me apoyen con el envio de la factura

N*** Verified Purchase 13-09-2023

Se equivocaron de tarjeta de felicitación.

S*** G*** M*** C*** Verified Purchase 08-09-2023

Llegó Justo en el tiempo establecido, la orquídea hermosa y Justo como en la imagen.

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Excelente servicio, rapido y eficiente. Ademas de hermoso el arreglo.

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Excelente producto

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todo perfecto el producto y el servicio

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todo perfecto

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las flores llegaron bien y con la tarjeta que solicité, excelente servicio esta vez llegaron más temprano, gracias

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Muy buen servicio

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Excelente servicio! lo recomiendo ampliamente.

I*** K*** H*** P*** Verified Purchase 22-08-2023

So happy that my order was delivered on the same day. The gift was so beautiful. Great service!

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excelente servicio y producto, gracias

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Genial ! Y la entrega súper bien y muy amable!

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