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White Margaritas, Yellow Pink And Pink Gerberas İn Pink Box
White Margaritas, Yellow Pink And Pink Gerberas İn Pink Box

White Margaritas, Yellow Pink And Pink Gerberas İn Pink Box

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Product Details
White Daisy : 3 pcs Yellow Rose : 2 pcs Gerbera Pink : 2 pcs Pink Alstroemeria : 5 pcs

Imagine a gift that not only demonstrates your love, but also captures the beauty and joy of special moments. That is exactly what our flower box offers composed of Blanca Margarita, Rosa Amarilla, Gerbera Rosa and Astromelia Rosa, presented in an elegant pink box. This vibrant and dazzling combination promises to bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones.

The delicate white petals of the Margarita symbolize purity and innocence, while yellow roses add a touch of warmth and friendship. The pink gerbera provides a romantic touch, with its meaning of admiration and gratitude. Pink astromelia completes the whole, with its representation of prosperity and happiness.

Flowers are accompanied with eucalyptus leaves to provide a refreshing contrast. To maintain their freshness, some flowers can be sent closed, but will open in 1-2 days at room temperature, offering an additional surprise.

This floral combination is more than a simple gift; It is a visual expression of love and appreciation. It is perfect for any occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, or simply to demonstrate how much someone does.

The choice to give these flowers is a testimony of your good taste and consideration. It ensures rapid and punctual delivery, committed to customer quality and satisfaction.

In short, this floral arrangement is a celebration of beauty and joy. It is the perfect gift to transmit love and make special moments even more memorable. Turn your gift ideas actually with this beautiful floral arrangement into a pink box.

Product Code: lf920
Reviews (26)

Lindo arreglo

I*** G*** C*** C*** Verified Purchase 02-12-2023

Muchas gracias!!!… el producto fue entregado en tiempo y a mi sobrina la encantó… pronto haré otro pedido!!!

M*** G*** G*** F*** Verified Purchase 24-11-2023

A*** Verified Purchase 15-11-2023

no le llego así como en la foto

M*** R*** C*** Verified Purchase 14-11-2023

El producto muy diferente a la foto!! Otra calidad

A*** L*** M*** Verified Purchase 11-11-2023

pésimo servicio pedí mi entrega entre 8:30 de la mañana y 2 de la tarde y no llegó llegó casi una hora después de que la persona para la que eran las flores salió de su centro de trabajo todavía traté de comunicarme a través de mensajes para dar seguimiento y me dijeron que sería entregado antes de las 2 de la tarde la persona para la que eran las flores ya se fue y no regresa a su oficina hasta el día viernes pésimo pésimo pésimo servicio las flores se van a echar a perder

D*** C*** Verified Purchase 08-11-2023

C*** L*** R*** Verified Purchase 08-11-2023

E*** O*** Verified Purchase 02-11-2023

A*** L*** M*** Verified Purchase 30-10-2023

A*** B*** F*** Verified Purchase 27-10-2023

G*** B*** Verified Purchase 20-10-2023

Muy bien 👍 muchas gracias, muy rápido y bonito

C*** M*** V*** S*** Verified Purchase 20-10-2023

No corresponde la descripción con lo entregado y se le sale el agua a la caja de madera.

E*** M*** Verified Purchase 11-10-2023

F*** L*** Verified Purchase 10-10-2023

Excelente servicio, gracias

M*** B*** Verified Purchase 09-10-2023

S*** B*** Verified Purchase 29-09-2023

Le. Entregaron algo diferente a la foto y nunca me mandaron foto para dar visto bueno

J*** J*** G*** A*** Verified Purchase 25-09-2023

E*** Verified Purchase 22-09-2023

Llego presentable el arreglo. Llego un día después al que lo había pedido, pero gracias a dios no era indispensable que llegara ese dia. Llegó muy bonito.

R*** Q*** Verified Purchase 19-09-2023

Muy buen servicio

A*** G*** Verified Purchase 19-09-2023

E*** O*** Verified Purchase 18-09-2023

Buen servicio y rapidez

C*** L*** Verified Purchase 12-09-2023


O*** J*** M*** L*** Verified Purchase 31-08-2023

G*** G*** Verified Purchase 29-08-2023

Excelente Servicio y rapidez!

M*** S*** Z*** O*** Verified Purchase 26-08-2023

Excelente servicio muy rápido

T*** L*** Verified Purchase 25-08-2023