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Red Roses And Daisies
Red Roses And Daisies

Red Roses And Daisies

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Product Details
Yellow Daisy : 40 pcs Red Rose : 12 pcs

A bouquet made with flowers of two contrasting colors: yellow and red. The roses combine harmoniously with the margaritas in this field, to do so stand out in any space that are put. Made perfectly by professional florists, this branch includes:

12 red roses.
More than 40 margaritas.
Diameter: 30 centimeters.

This is a very striking bouquet, and together with some decoration plants, the more than 40 margaritas, and the dozen roses, make the volume much larger, calling much more attention.

Rosas are the language of love made flowers, and the margaritas will reflect all the gratitude and joy you feel for being with that special person. In addition, the dozen roses is a very important number, since with this we understand that we think of that person 12 months of the year, and we understand how important their presence is in our life.

The meaning of Margarita's flower is purity, innocence, loyal love, faith, beauty, patience, simplicity, and joy. Just looking at a margarita you can fill yourself with a simple and positive vibes. Its yellow tone with their delicate petals resemble the bright sun, and that is why they are a source of good energy and pure affection that will fill any space with joy.

This bouquet of flowers, of a combination of red roses and yellow margaritas, is perfect to transmit a bright, pure and sincere love. The best part is that you can order it with free shipping, and we will send it to the hands of your special person.

The flowers in the arrangement can be of different colors and sizes depending on the stock status.

Some of the flowers in the flower arrangement can be sent closed, even if they do not bloom due to seasonal conditions. Closed flowers open within 1-2 days, at room temperature.

Rosas y margaritas a domicilio

Product Code: lf112
Reviews (1102)

Buen servicio y puntuales con los horarios

R*** D*** I*** Verified Purchase 06-04-2024

todo bien

M*** T*** D*** Verified Purchase 05-04-2024

excelente servicio!!!😀

P*** P*** V*** Verified Purchase 04-04-2024


M*** J*** A*** Verified Purchase 03-04-2024

P*** B*** M*** Verified Purchase 01-04-2024

Todo bien, solo que siento que llego algo tarde, lo solicite desde antes de 8 am.

C*** J*** Verified Purchase 01-04-2024

E*** D*** J*** Verified Purchase 26-03-2024

R*** O*** Verified Purchase 25-03-2024

Gracias por el servicio, fue bueno y oportuno, el arreglo le encantó a mi Pareja

M*** A*** M*** R*** Verified Purchase 24-03-2024

D*** R*** Verified Purchase 23-03-2024

Muy buen servicio como siempre y las flores muy bonitas, solo les pediría un número para atención al cliente, el chat es muy complicado, se cierra si cambias de app. Saludos.

G*** Verified Purchase 23-03-2024

El arreglo viene con las mismas flores, sin embargo no se ve igual que el de la foto, les falto ponerle mas sentimiento, se ve muy apagado. Deberian poner una opcion para subir la foto del producto que entregaron y asi ustedes mismos vean la diferencia. Gracias por el servicio, aun asi no esta tan mal y fueron puntuales.

O*** M*** A*** Verified Purchase 22-03-2024

Servicio rápido, las flores llegaron en buen estado y con buena presentación

A*** C*** Verified Purchase 22-03-2024

A*** H*** Verified Purchase 22-03-2024

está muy increíble, mi novia lo amo gracias

J*** L*** C*** H*** Verified Purchase 22-03-2024

P*** T*** Verified Purchase 22-03-2024

A*** A*** Verified Purchase 22-03-2024

A*** V*** Verified Purchase 22-03-2024

Excelente serrvicio 🤙!!!

R*** S*** Verified Purchase 21-03-2024

M*** C*** Verified Purchase 21-03-2024

J*** R*** A*** L*** Verified Purchase 21-03-2024

Buen servicio

L*** F*** Q*** L*** Verified Purchase 21-03-2024

E*** R*** Verified Purchase 21-03-2024

me encantó, excelente servicio, y entrega rápida, super recomendado 🫡

B*** Verified Purchase 20-03-2024

Como el primer envío fue rechazado porque las flores no coincidian, en la segunda entrega no se si fue coincidencia pero no pude entrar a validar el que se envío, me gustaría tener la foto al menos de referencia.

J*** E*** O*** C*** Verified Purchase 20-03-2024

M*** E*** Verified Purchase 16-03-2024

Excelente plataforma, excelente presentación, me encanta pedir flores a través de este medio.

J*** M*** F*** Verified Purchase 13-03-2024

Todo bien

O*** H*** G*** Verified Purchase 10-03-2024

Entrega a tiempo, muy bonito el arreglo

J*** Verified Purchase 08-03-2024


S*** P*** F*** Verified Purchase 05-03-2024

La verdad estoy muy satisfecho con su trabajo muchas gracias lo recomendaré para otra ocasión felicidades

C*** C*** Verified Purchase 27-02-2024

Gracias por sus servicio

F*** L*** S*** Verified Purchase 26-02-2024

J*** A*** M*** Verified Purchase 14-02-2024

G*** S*** Verified Purchase 14-02-2024

A*** R*** Verified Purchase 12-02-2024

No es igual que en la foto

J*** Á*** T*** M*** Verified Purchase 10-02-2024

I*** Verified Purchase 31-01-2024

excelente servicio

C*** S*** Verified Purchase 31-01-2024

Excelente todo muy bien

L*** Verified Purchase 17-01-2024

My wife loved them

M*** B*** Verified Purchase 14-01-2024

Llego tarde y un poco diferente a lo que pedí pero se entregaron.

M*** F*** Verified Purchase 13-01-2024


R*** Verified Purchase 13-01-2024

Le encantaron las flores AMI mamá, muchas gracias 😊. Volvería a comprar nuevamente. Llegaron a tiempo y hermosas. Gracias.

B*** E*** Verified Purchase 10-01-2024

E*** H*** D*** Verified Purchase 21-12-2023

Very prompt and good service, nice products. Simply love it.

Y*** D*** Verified Purchase 19-12-2023

C*** R*** B*** Verified Purchase 06-12-2023

Llegaron el día que las pedí, en la foto se ven más como surtidas, pero igual están bonitas

S*** R*** Verified Purchase 05-12-2023

Lindas flores de ven frescas

M*** J*** A*** P*** Verified Purchase 04-12-2023

Muchas gracias!!! Estuvo todo perfecto.

A*** M*** Verified Purchase 02-12-2023

G*** F*** Verified Purchase 23-11-2023